WhatsApp Launches An Informative Website on Corona Virus

WhatsApp is now used by almost all smartphone users. Considering how widespread internet use has become, we can say that WhatsApp has become a part of our lives.

The website, which was created by WhatsApp, also said that messaging lines will be available to reach the World Health Organization and UNICEF directly. Also WhatsApp; Indonesia, Israel, Brazil, South Africa and Singapore have announced that it is working with the governments, and that the authorities’ statements will be delivered directly to users via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp President Will Cathcart said in a statement that they have developed this website to create an easy-to-use source of the Corona virus. Cathcart said he will always support WhatsApp’s life-saving work, saying they will work in partnership with health ministries from around the world during the pandemic process.

WhatsApp’s reactions to the Corona virus are not limited to this website. The company provided a $1 million grant to the Poynter Institute’s International Information Control Network (IFCN), which helped detect fake news in more than 45 countries. However, WhatsApp still does not have a system that checks the accuracy of messages sent about the Corona virus. If you would like to review whatsapp’s website about the Corona virus, you can use the link here.

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