Saurik:Jailbreak App Store Cydia Store Its Shut Down

For the longest time ever, jailbroken iOS devices would source their apps via Cydia which was the official app store for jailbroken iOS devices. Unfortunately it seems that in the future, users who jailbreak their devices will need to start sourcing their apps from elsewhere as Cydia’s creator, Saurik, has announced that the app store will be shutting down.

This is according to a post made on Reddit in which Saurik announced that one of the reasons behind the shut down was due to the fact that this was a money-losing endeavor.

“The reality is that I wanted to just shut down the Cydia Store entirely before the end of the year, and was considering moving the timetable up after receiving the report (to this weekend); this service loses me money and is not something I have any passion to maintain.”

In case all of this sounds confusing, we want to reiterate that you can still use Cydia and third-party repositories, but we want to take this time to remind everyone about the importance of using only reputable third-party repositories.

Adding and using shady third-party repositories warrants a higher risk of having your payment information compromised. If you can’t tell if a third-party repository is reputable or not, then you can use this comprehensive list of third-party repositories as your guide. Consider those in our list to be ‘trusted’ and ‘reputable.’

We should add that the Sileo package manager is still in development and aims to replace Cydia as the jailbreak community’s primary package installer and repository manager. There’s no ETA for its release yet, but you should be able to access the same repositories and packages that you could in Cydia.

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