Rumors that there will be a 3D camera behind the iPhone 12

Sources close to Apple claimed that the iPhone 12 would also have a 3D sensor in the rear camera setup. According to sources, this camera will ensure that the iPhone 12 has unique augmented reality features.
US-based tech giant Apple has been working on both the new operating system iOS 14 and the new iPhone model, which it will announce in the fall. Tech enthusiasts are already wondering about the features of the iPhone 12 series, while tech critics and sources close to the company are trying to leak insider information to uncover information about this phone.

There is no confirmed information yet on the iPhone 12, but some of the allegations made so far have revealed what Apple thinks of the iPhone 12. The new allegations, now made by sources close to Apple, suggest that the iPhone 12 series will be a very important camera development.

As you know, Apple has installed a TrueDepth camera in front of their new phone with the iPhone X, allowing users to scan their screen unlock in 3D. This 3D camera technology, which is only in the front of the iPhone X, Xs and 11 series, will also come on the back of the device under the name World Facing on the iPhone 12.

Apple’s new claims about the iPhone 12 series are not limited to this. According to sources, Apple will supply the 3D sensor it will use on iPhone 12 from Lumentum, where it supplies TrueDepth cameras available on existing iPhones. Thus, it is stated that Apple’s relationship with Lumentum will be tightened.

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