PUBG snow map Vikendi – best start locations and strategies

PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map is now finally playable on Android, iOS. Notably, this is PUBG Mobile’s fourth map addition, following Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok. To recall, support for the Vikendi snow map in PUBG Mobile was added with the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update.

24 hours ago, the PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map download was made available. The PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map download size is 134.2MB on Android and iOS. Right now, Vikendi is available for all PUBG Mobile users.

Although at the time of filing this story, it appears that the PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map is still in beta despite being available for matchmaking. Before you can get the Vikendi map though, you’ll need to download the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update if you haven’t already and that has a 2.1GB download size.

Here, we’ll run through some early suggestions for the best snow map start locations as well as some snow map strategies that we’ve picked up from our time with it in testing – with some more Vikendi tips and tricks added now we’ve tried it out on live servers.

Vikendi, PUBG’s new “snow map”, mixes up the formula of regular maps like Erangel and Miramar, with it slotting into a new, medium size between those larger maps and the more recent, pocket-size Sanhok. Here’s a look at the map itself before we dive into specifics.

PUBG snow map strategies and the best start locations

It’s still very early days for the snow map Vikendi, and the way the map’s loot is spread out is an indication of that. There’s some very unusual spawn distribution – a huge percentage of standard spawn weapons right now are SMGs and Shotguns, for instance, along with lots of the same DMR attachments despite their near non-existence – making it a little too early to properly lay out the best starting locations as we have done in our guides to Erangel, Miramar,Sanhok and our dedicated PUBG loot locations page.

PUBG snow map start locations – the main areas

Hot drops – The busiest spots to land on Vikendi are, like on the other maps, the main named locations in the centre of the map, thanks to their ability to be reached from just about any flight path. Think eye-catching spots like Dino Park, Castle, Villa, Coal Mine, and Mount Kreznic. There’s generally a high concentration of loot at all of these, but we’ll have to wait and see on how that equates to quality. We’ve had the most success finding level 3 gear – including helmets – at Dino Park, particularly in the dodgems arena!

  • Big but quiet – Similarly eye-catching areas but further from the centre of the map, you’ll have a quieter time at areas around the edge of the map like Cantra, Milnar, Cosmodrome, Winery, Dobro Mesto, Krichas, Peshkova and Movatra. Loot concentration still seems to be very high here, so a long drop to one of these may be a good option, especially with those aforementioned changes parachuting mechanics.
  • Smaller and quieter – Abbey seems to be a hidden gem, with a large amount of loot in a fairly small area, that’s often overlooked. Otherwise smaller settlements around the edges of the map, like Vihar, Trevno, Pilnec and so on are what we’re talking about here. Still plenty of loot for one, but less suitable for larger squads, and you may well face a bit of a trek to somewhere relevant. Situational options, then!

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