iOS 14 Bug : After Reboot Resets the Default Browser and Mail Apps to Safari and Mail Applications

iOS 14 brings with it tons of new features. However, one of the major features it offers is the ability to change the default app for browser and mail. Up until iOS 13, Mail was the default mail app and Safari was the default browser app; there was no option to change default apps. With iOS 14, you can change your default browser from Safari to third-party apps like Chrome and Edge. Similarly, you can change your mail app from Mail to Gmail or Outlook.

Suppose, you change your default browser app to Chrome (or any other third-party browser) and if your device reboots due to low battery or if you intentionally reboot the device, the default browser app will reset to Safari. The same goes for the default mail app. If you change your default mail app to Gmail (or any other third-party mail app), the default mail app will be reset to Mail after your device reboots.

This is undoubtedly an irritating bug for those who had set third-party apps as their default browser and mail apps, and it definitely leads to poor user experience. This is certainly a bug in iOS 14 and not in one of these third-party apps because all email and browser apps are being affected by the same issue. So, it is now Apple’s duty to offer a fix for this bug as soon as possible. There is a possibility that this is an intended behavior from Apple so that people don’t swerve away from the brand’s apps, which, if true, is not only frustrating but also unethical.

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