How to use the Apple Watch calculator app

Famous as the best-selling smart watch models, Apple Watch comes with the biggest examples of this situation.

Although the clock has a high level of features, we know that the basic hardware section does not have a calculator feature. We actually knew. Because of the WatchOS 6 series, the Apple Watch Calculator feature has also been introduced.It’s easy to use the Apple Watch Calculator feature that comes with the new version. Let’s go through what you’re doing.

Using the Apple Watch Calculator

It is possible to perform the use of Apple Watch calculator in several ways. Just need to know that you have a smartwatch with watchOS 6 operating system. So you need to update to the new version. The following actions are as follows:

  • Press the Digital Crown key
  • Click the Calculator app from the menu.
  • You will see the Calculator app open.
  • Now click on the section known as the Watch face and select “Customize”.
  • Select the app where you want to add the Calculator app instead.
  • Scroll using the key again and select the Calculator app. This way the calculator app will be added to the clock interface.

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