Apple’s Over-Ear Headset Found in iOS 14 Codes

One developer has obtained tips on Apple’s new over-ear headset from 2 icons in the codes for iOS 14. The emerging icons indicate that the headset will be released in 2 different colors.

Two years ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors that Apple would produce an over-ear headset with similar features to the AirPods. In this article, we will also take a look at the features of the headphones before they are officially announced. According to the information, iOS 14’s software has 2 icons representing light and dark versions of these headphones.

The two icons mentioned give us the clearest information to date about what Apple’s headset will look like. These icons were used to represent ears that have not yet gone on sale on iOS 14.

The fact that the same icon comes with 2 different versions reveals the expectation that the headset, which will be the over-the-ear version of the AirPods, will be available in at least 2 different colours. It is thought that two of the white, black or space gray colors may be preferred. Apple only sold the AirPods and AirPods Pro in white.

These light and dark icons; may also represent colors other than black and white. Beats, owned by Apple, use the color of headphones as an important marketing feature, but Apple doesn’t take advantage of this feature for the AirPods series. And these icons give us an idea of the size of the headset.

Estimated features of the headset:

Apple’s over-the-ear headphones are expected to include more AirPods than Beats’ upcoming headphones. For example, when these headphones plug them into the ear, such as The AirPods, it is thought that the sound will automatically turn on and automatically turn off when it is removed. Apple has also used some of the AirPods’ features in Beats’ Beats Solo Pro. The Solo Pro, an over-the-ear headset, features the chip used in the AirPods and the audio-cutting and audio switching feature on the AirPods.

How Apple’s over-the-ear headset will be charged remains confidential. The AirPods have their own charging box, but the Beats Solo Pro is charging with lightning input. The headset may come with a wireless charger, but there is no information about it.

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