Apple Updated Developer Application

An update to the developer account, Apple’s account for app developers for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, has been made today. It was announced that this latest version of the Apple Developer app allows videos to be watched at multiple play rates.

In cases where users try to find a specific piece of information, a video can be watched at 2x speed. Also, the new update brought support for sharing stories from the developer app’s ‘Explore’ tab, as well as interacting with full video content, just like the App Store. Additionally, it will now be possible to view stories on the web.

What’s new with the new update:

  • Watching videos at multiple playback speeds
  • Interact with full video content
  • Share stories and view them on the web from the Explore tab

In a note shared by the technology giant, users said they will see accessibility improvements, other improvements and bug fixes as well. Apple renamed the app known as the WWDC app under the name Apple Developer last November. Let’s add that the event, which is the Worldwide Developer Conference, is a conference organized by Apple for software developers in California, USA every year.

The new Apple Developer app will provide detailed information from Apple experts throughout the year, including news, videos, WWDC content and more. For developers in the United States and China, the app also includes the ability to sign up for the Apple Developer program.

dThanks to this program, participants can access beta software, advanced application features, extensive beta testing tools and application analysis. This program, which is cut out to reach customers scattered around the world, is preferred by many people. Let’s remind you that you can download the Apple Developer app for free from the App Store right now. Since today’s update is still in progress, you can be sure that it will be available soon, even if you don’t see it right away.

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