Apple New iPhone XR highlights Liquid Retina display ad pushes

Apple on Friday posted a new promotional video to its official YouTube channel. Running one minute and ten seconds long, it highlights the company’s Liquid Retina display technology along with all the colors that the $749 iPhone XR is available in.

Music: “Come Along” by Cosmo Sheldrake

“Make room for color,” reads the video’s description. “See the all-screen Liquid Retina display on iPhone XR with the best battery life in an iPhone.”

Interestingly, Apple is now advertising its rather aggressive iPhone trade-in promo in the video description itself, writing that for a limited time customers can get an iPhone XR from $599 when they trade in their smartphone.

Apple claims Liquid Retina Display, which uses LCD technology as opposed to the newer OLED panels used in the iPhone X and XS series, is the most color-accurate mobile LCD out there.

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